Marine Hammerhead approx 13 heads colony Coral Reef Tank
10 (ten) x Green Shrimps (Neocaridina)

Time-of-Day has arrived

The new Time-of-Day (5-8 p.m.) Rate is the standard rate for all residential customers.

10 (ten) Red Betta Double Tail Males (Siamese Fighting Fish)
Fish holding tank water storage tank plastic heavy duty choose size and colour
Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals Marine Salt Reef Fish Tanks 20kg Prepares 600L
Kuro Koi - Premium Growth - 15kg - Growth Koi Fish Food Pellets

What is Time-of-Day?

  • You pay different rates for electricity based on when you use it 

  • Rates are lower when it costs us less to produce electricity and they go up when both demand and cost for electricity increase

  • Shift when you use electricity to control your costs


Learn more about Time-of-Day
10 (ten) x Chlamydogobius eremius ''gold'' (Desert Goby)
Fauna Marin color Elements bluee Green Red -3x500ml - f. Farbige Korallen
7 (seven) x Gobio gobio (Gudgeon, Cold Water, Pond)

Solutions for you

SMUD is owned by you, our customers, so it's natural that we have your best interests at heart.  We provide you complete energy solutions, which is good for your home, your budget, your business and our community.

BiOrb Easy Décor Kit 30L Pink Ocean
Sera Reptil Profesional Carnivor, 10L
Large Flow 1.8KW Self Priming High Pressure Water Pump 220V 10Mpa Pressure Max

Powering our community

We’re proud to light your homes, your businesses and the streets around your neighborhood.  We keep you at the heart of all we do.  Together, we’ve brightened our community with volunteers, donations, education and support.

EHEIM 2217 Außenfilter classic o Filtermasse 1000 l h NEU & OVP
Zeospur Macro-éléments Concentré 500ml Korallenzucht Éléments Traces L
D-D JumpGuard PRO 180x75cm Springschutzgitter

Giving back

We're passionate about our community. Through our employee giving and scholarship programs, in the last year we've helped make our community better, brighter and stronger.




Volunteer hours in the community


in powering futures scholarships to local students

SMUD Cares 

Through our employee giving and volunteer program, we raise money for a variety of nonprofits and lend a helping hand to those in need. In the past 13 years, employees have personally donated over $4.5 million and just last year gave over 14,500 volunteer hours to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and the Sacramento Children’s Home.  See more ways Aqua Source Wheatgerm, ideal winter Koi food,10Kg FreeP&P about our community.